What to Expect out of Chiropractic Care. Part 2

Notice the straight line vs the curve that is supposed to be there. Also note the tilt in my neck to the right.

So here we are, Day 2, where I find out what is really going on with me. Remember how I thought I was fine and healthy and “normal?” My neck, which is supposed to have a curve in it, is straight and tilted to the right. This means that my neck is carrying far larger amounts of weight than it was intended to, putting extra strain on my neck and upper back muscles.

After having reviewed my neck, I asked if we could check out the entire back to see what else that I thought was fine and truly wasn’t. We also found some really interesting, non chiropracitc related items on my x-rays including the leftover wisdom tooth from when I had them removed years ago. I will post the rest of my exam in the next installment!

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