What to Expect out of Chiropractic Care. Part 2

Notice the straight line vs the curve that is supposed to be there. Also note the tilt in my neck to the right.

So here we are, Day 2, where I find out what is really going on with me. Remember how I thought I was fine and healthy and “normal?” My neck, which is supposed to have a curve in it, is straight and tilted to the right. This means that my neck is carrying far larger amounts of weight than it was intended to, putting extra strain on my neck and upper back muscles.

After having reviewed my neck, I asked if we could check out the entire back to see what else that I thought was fine and truly wasn’t. We also found some really interesting, non chiropracitc related items on my x-rays including the leftover wisdom tooth from when I had them removed years ago. I will post the rest of my exam in the next installment!

What to Expect out of Chiropractic Care. Part 1

Hello, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Nichole Holzum and I am the new marketer for Healthy Life Chiropractic and Wellness. My mother is an Advanced Practice Nurse and I’ve grown up with the idea that Chiropractors are crocks just out to get your money. They aren’t “real” doctors. That being said, I was open to the idea and thought I’d see what all the fuss was about. I initially asked to watch someone else go though the process, because I thought there was no need for me. I’m fine. Wrong.


It is called a Day 1. The standard process is to find out what area is bugging you and then take a deeper look. Personally, I work out 6 days a week, have lost a bunch of weight and generally consider myself healthy and normal, so I didn’t really have an area of concentration. For fun, Wendy, our Patient Educator, picked my neck to be examined. After Wendy went over a few things and spent some time educating me on everything, Dr. Jim came in and performed an exam. What this consisted of, for me was to raise both of my arms and tilt my head in a certain direction and he asked if there was tingling. I believe my exact words we’re “WEIRD, but yes!” He then had me look in the opposite direction, to both sides and we learned that I cannot turn my head all they way on either side with one side being more severe than the other. Dr. Jim informed me that because of my decreased range of motion, there is going to be some inflammation of your muscles and that I could be carrying some unneeded tension. He then, looking back was probably more gentle than it sounds, touched my neck and it hurt and I squirmed.


Obviously, I might not have been as fine as I thought I was. We then took some X-rays of my neck to get a better idea of what was really going on. Stay tuned to find out more!